International News Production I is over.

I’ll be frank from the start: from how it was presented, I expected more Snowfall and less Buzzfeed.

That was a provocation. I’m not regretting my choice at all. Of course, not everything clicked with me. Some things I found painfully slow, like learning to work on Photoshop and Premiere (which I already knew how to use). Nevertheless, there was always room for improvement: what does this button do? Is there a more time-efficient way to do this?

But of course, it wasn’t just a how-to module. I was pleasantly surprised by the training in basic news reporting, which I feared I’d be missing out on when I skipped on the Broadcast pathway.

Not every day was brilliant, of course. At times I found groupwork quite slow. But then again, that is the norm in every newsroom. If nothing else, I feel like my cooperation and leadership skills gained from it.

What I enjoyed the most, though, is undoubtedly the CMS and SEO teaching.

These used to be two mysterious acronyms that I saw on every writing job posting and regularly prevented me from applying. However, once I gained an insight into them, and learned which elements actually do what, I felt like I had truly mastered the art of information engineering.

Well, that was a bit pretentious. But hey, at least I know how to make my portfolio pop up on the first result. Hopefully that’s a start.


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