Who clicks on InterCardiff?

Or, put another way, who does InterCardiff click with? We turn to the website’s analytics to find out.

Statistics lie. Regularly. That goes for web searches too. Google Analytics can be both a blessing and a very confusing tool for a site administrator.

It’s intersting, for example, to have a look at InterCardiff’s demographics. As expected, the site is most popular with millennialls. But also of note is the fact that – surprise suprise – InterCardiff is way more popular with females than males:


Categories of interest for users are mostly lifestyle and news. Again, little surprises here:


Not all statistics are that reliable, however. Take, for example, the location of InterCardiff’s visitors. First place is the UK, which is no surprise, but then… Russia? Malaysia? That’s a strange audience, isn’t it?


Alas, “international” the site may be, the explanation is rather boring. Russia and Malaysia are usually hubs for bots who “ping” to websites for spam referrals.

However, once you take that into consideration, the rest is rather interesting. Quite a few visits from English-speaking countries, like the U.S., Ireland and Australia, and also Austria and France. Some alumni from those parts, perhaps?

There’s a more intersting data to be seen, however. 72% Of visitors were first timers (New sessions), and 69% simply “bounced” on the page. That is, they visited InterCardiff’s main page but didn’t interact with it by clicking further. What’s more, they spend on average just a minute and a half on it – way to little to have a thorough read at the articles.

To top it all, the overwhelming majority of visitors only open InterCardiff’s once and don’t return:


Good enough for advertising revenue, perhaps, but a bit disappointing from our – the writer’s – point of view. Then again, a large number of visitors are probably interviewees who wanted an idea of what InterCardiff was all about after that kid from Cardiff University contacted them.

Finally, it’s always useful to have a look at the devices used to access to the website:


While more than half of visits come from desktops, a huge amount of users are on mobiles. InterCardiff should then be optimized (if it isn’t already) to be browsed on a smartphone as well as a regular computer.

So, where does this leave us?

Unfortunately, InterCardiff’s analytics aren’t significant enough to tell us if we need to steer direction. However, that might not be an issue. InterCardiff is fundamentally a showcase for the Multimedia student’s work. It’s one of the few times in our careers when we’re allowed to write about what we genuinely like, without caring too much about catering to the audience’s tastes. And we should enjoy it while it lasts.


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