Coursemate profile: Becky

Rebecca Kwei comes from Ghana’s capital, Accra. She’s in Cardiff for an MA in Science, Media and Communication, at the renowned School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

img_0104editBecky – for friends – isn’t stepping into journalism for the first time. She comes from Ghana’s capital Accra, and she’s worked for Graphic Communications, the biggest news outlet in the country, for ten years. On three different occasions she’s won awards from the Ghana Journalists Association, as the best reporter for health and science issues. She was also awarded the category prize for the best coverage of Millennium Development Goals.

Earlier this year, she was awarded a Chevening scholarship to go study in a Journalism school of her choice. ‘I chose Cardiff University because it was consistently ranked among the top schools in Europe.’ She adds that some of her colleagues in Ghana had already studied there, and encouraged her to enroll.

img_0089editI ask Becky if she has any intention of going back to Ghana after the course is over. She has little doubts. ‘My scholarship requires that I do, but even if it didn’t, I’d still get back. I want to bring my expertise with me, and continue my work in health reporting.’

Becky is due to graduate in September next year.


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